[3830] NCCC Sprint(7-29) K5PTC(N1LN) LP

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Fri Jul 29 06:47:51 EDT 2005

                    NCCC Thursday Sprint (7-29)

Call: K5PTC
Operator(s): N1LN
Station: N1LN

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): .5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
  160:   0        0
   80:   0        0
   40:  13      .15
   20:  33      .35
Total:  46     Mults = 13  Total Score = 598

Club: Pesky Texan Contest Club


What a difference a week makes.   Condx were much better - last week I could not
hear John - K4BAI on 20mtrs, this week he was +15db.  Participation seemed to be
up - there were many pile-ups on me after either a CQ or for the second have of
a series (forgot the specific name).   40 mtrs was in pretty good shape from
South TX.  The occasional static crash, but hey - that is standard for July in

However, my Q count was down:-(  Go figure?   My mult count was UP :-))

Thanks to all for another fun 1/2 hr on Thursday evening.  

Still trying to get to that 50 Q 1/2 hr....maybe next week.  See you then.

Bruce - N1LN
(K5PTC - Bob)

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