[3830] DL-DX RTTY K4AQ SOAB-24-Dipole QRP

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Fri Jul 29 20:52:45 EDT 2005

                    DL-DX RTTY Contest

Call: K4AQ
Operator(s): K4AQ
Station: K4AQ

Class: SOAB-24-Dipole QRP
QTH: Atlanta, GA
Operating Time (hrs): 1.5

 Band  QSOs  Pts  Mults
   40:   7    40     6
   20:   6    40     7
Total:  13    80    13  Total Score = 1,040

Club: South East Contest Club



My second DL-DX RTTY contest:

         QSO     Pts     Mult    Time      Score
2005      13      80      13      1.5      1,040
2004      21     150      19      3.0      2,850

The first time I switched to 40m, I heard K9MUG/4. I was so anxious to work him
that I forgot to adjust my power for that band.

I got my QSO with K9MUG/4 followed by KK5OQ, VA3DX, AD4EB and WX4TM. No biggie
until I realized that those stns heard me while I was running QRPp, i.e., LESS
THAN ONE WATT! I QRO'd immediately to 5 watts after that. ;)

Yaesu FT-897D transceiver operated at 5 watts into an OCF 5-MHz 28-gauge
insulated wire stealth antenna up 45 feet in heavy foliage trees next to I-75 in
downtown Atlanta industrial area. SGC SG-237 Smartuner. microHAM USB rig
interface. Tigertronics SignaLink SL-1 sound card radio interface. WriteLog
10.53e with RTTYrite.

--Matt, K4AQ

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