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Mon Jun 13 04:50:12 EDT 2005

                    ANARTS WW RTTY Contest

Call: ZL4BR
Operator(s): ZL4BR
Station: ZL4BR

Class: SOST HP
QTH: New Plymouth
Operating Time (hrs): 27

 Band  QSOs   Pts   Mults
   40:   94   3468    40
   20:  165   6403    55
   15:   61   2118    26
Total:  320  11989   121  Continents = 6  Total Score = 8,708,214



Total Score includes 4200 VK bonus points (17 contacts).

Another slow contest for me, where were the Europeans? Only 51 contacts with
Zones 14/15/16, whereas participation from North America was excellent, with
that continent making up 181 of my 320 contacts. Of course propagation probably
played a role, as a lot of the cluster spots seemed to indicate that 21 and 28
were in great shape in the Northern hemisphere, but south of equator both bands
were dog-meat. Just 3 Eu contacts on 21 and nil on 28.

On a positive note, the simple but sometimes worrying task of making sure I
worked 6 continents, was overcome very early on in the contest when I worked
R1ANT at the Mirnyy Antartic base for my sixth continent, so CN8KD who I worked
soon after, thus became my seventh continent!

A low-side of the weekend, was the OTHR QRM problem on 40m, (which lost me a lot
of contacts), which over the past few months is increasing to real annoying
levels on 40m and 80m, due I believe in part to the commissioning of a new OTHR
system in Australia. In the evenings the OTHR signals are S8/9 on 6990-7070kHz

73, Frank

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