[3830] ARRL June VHF K0HA Single Op HP

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Mon Jun 13 23:27:04 EDT 2005

                    ARRL June VHF QSO Party

Call: K0HA
Operator(s): K0HA
Station: K0HA

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  447   179
Total:  447   179  Total Score = 80,013



It was an interesting contest with changing conditions.  To better document that
I made a table showing the grids worked here per hour.  It's a different radio
world here in Nebraska.  I worked 14 stations in 3 grids here in my own state
(try and top that out in your own state, you New Yorkers!).  I vote for a
special award for the station with the best score counting only the stations
further than 500 miles (or 800 km) away from your QTH.  I think that I might be
in the running for that one.  Don't you people on the coasts tell me about the
ocean on one side of you.  I'm surrounded by an ocean of nothingness.  There are
just a few "islands" around here where people live in all directions...

I had four antennas which can be used on 6M this year:  My main antenna--7
element Yagi at 85 feet, 4 element Yagi at 58 feet, an omni-directional
turnstile antenna at 64 feet, and my 17 meter Yagi (which is also directional on
6M at 85 feet).  The 17M Yagi has two main lobes, each about 40 degrees either
side of the direction that the antenna is "pointed."  Each of the directional
antennas has its own rotor (and tower).  When the band is open in more than one
direction at the same time, it's very useful to have separate antennas pointed
in those directions rather than rotating one antenna all of the time.  During
the contest, this happened on Saturday night when the band was open to the SE
through SW at one time.  It was also useful during the auroral opening on Sunday
to switch from antennas pointed NE, N and NW.  I didn't do enough of that
switching during the auroral opening.  The small change in antenna gain
generally doesn't make much difference in a contest.  If it does, the better one
can obviously be moved.  Also, my 4 element Yagi is at a height that it has
lobes where my 7 element Yagi has elevation nulls.  The 4 element Yagi can
therefore be the "better one" at times.

Anyway, my grid table is below.  Somehow, somewhere, three dupes are included in
the figures below (it shows 450 QSO's rather than the 447 actually made).  I
generally leave dupes in my original logs (it shows 457 contacts, including
dupes) to better deal with people who may have me logged as K0SA the first time
(cw copying problem), or K0HP (SSB copying problem--somehow my "alpha" must
sound too much like a "papa").  I decided not to hunt out this 3 contact hand
tabulation error.  The hours with all auroral contacts are preceded by "AU." 
While it may look below like I was "always on," I took a lot of 30 to 70 minute
breaks which, because they fall into one or two clock hours, only show up as
"low number hours."

[HOUR ENDING AT] * [Q/HR] [GRID] - [# of Q's (if more than 1)]

1900*16  DM52, DM54, DM61-3, DM62, DM67, EM00, EM09, EM79, EN00, EN11, EN82,
  FM02, FM19, FN01
2000*8  DM12, DM14, DM22, DM34, DM41, EL29, EN10, EN41
2100*20  CM95-2 DM04-2, DM14-2, DM16, DM26-3, DM30, DM41, DM42-4, DM43, DM51,
  EM49, EN13
2200*7  DM69, DN60, EM18, EN10, EN11, EN13, EN52
2300*28  CM98, CN83-3, CN84, CN85-10, CN87-2, CN94-2, CN96, CN97, DL89, DM90,
  DN05, DN06-2, DN16, EN11
0000*24  CN87-2, DL98, EK70, EL15, EL16, EL17, EL28, EL29-5, EL96-3, EM20-2,
  EM21, EM22-3, EM40, EM70
0100*25  EL29-5, EL86, EL96-2, EL98-2, EM20, EM21, EM29-2, EM32, EM40-2, EM42,
  EM63, EM72-3, EM81-3 
0200*33  CM94, DM03-4, DM04-2, DM13-3, DM14-3, DM25, EL18, EL29, EL98-3, 
  EL99-2, EM10, EM20, EM62, EM63, EM92, EM93, FM02, FM04-3, FM05-2
0300*45  CM98-2, DM00, DM03, DM04-3, DM05, DM09, DM12-6, DM13-14, DM14-6,
  DM26-2, DM32, DM33, DM35, EL09, EL17, EM00, EN11
0400*69  CM87-2, CM88-2, CM98-4, CM99-2, CN90, CN91, DM03-5, DM04-7, DM08,
  DM09-2, DM12-6, DM13-5, DM14, DM15, DM16, DM22, DM33-7, DM34, DM42-2,
  DM44, DM45, DN30, EM00-2, EM10-3, EN10-2 
0500*11  DM12, DM33-2, DM42, DM43, EL09-2, EM32, EN22, FM18, FM28
0600*2  FM00, FN11
0700*3  EM60, FM08, FN12
0800*3  EM31, EM48, FN32
1300*1  EM00
1400*7  DM79, DN26, DN57, DN74, EM10, EN61, FM08
1500*4  DM68M DM79, DN27, FM06
1600*10  EM85, EN00, EN10, EN32, EN82, FN03, FN10, FN11, FN20, FN21 
1700*9  EM25, EM76, EN31-2, EN32, EN41, EN42, EN80, FM19
1800*2  EN70, EN10
1900*2  EM96, EN21
2000*2  EM95, EN10
AU2100*8  EN08, EN26, EN34, EN35-2, EN37-3
AU2200*15  DN86, EM69, EN34, EN35, EN37, EN44, EN46, EN56, EN61-2, EN62-3,
  EN70, EN73
AU2300*28  EM27, EM36, EM58-2, EM69, EM96, EN24, EN34, EN35, EN36, EN44, 
  EN45-2, EN60-2, EN61-5, EN62, EN70, EN73, EN74-2, FM19, FN20, FN31
AU0000*47  DM79, DN70, DN78, DO61, EM12, EM27, EM29, EM35, EM36, EM55, EM64,
  EM66, EM69, EM89, EN03, EN05, EN24-2, EN32, EN34-3, EN35-2, EN42, EN43, 
  EN44-3, EN47, EN52-2, EN53-2, EN61, EN62, EN63, EN70, EN74, EN84, EN91,
  EN94, FM19-2, FN03, FN13
AU0100*18  DN59, DO42, EM36, EM48-2, EM57, EN04, EN23, EN26, EN34-4, EN35-3,
  EN37, EN52
AU0200*2  EN18, EN36
0300*1  EN10

73,  Bill    K0HA

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