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Tue Jun 14 13:46:31 EDT 2005

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: IR4X
Operator(s): IZ3EYZ
Station: IR4X

Class: SOSB40 HP
QTH: Mt Capra
Operating Time (hrs): 36

 Band  QSOs
   40: 1605
Total: 1605  Prefixes = 685  Total Score = 3,833,945

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


Once again a great contest!! Had no serious plans due to several duties, so it
turned into a last minute job. What a thrill! I met Francesco I4IND at 23z and
it took us some 20 minutes to arrange everything, but the RTX was simply dead.
We got him working at 23.58z...It was time to take a freq....I was totally blind
about actual band condx; moreover my last Qs took place 2 months ago (WPX SSB).
Luckly I gave a look at Dx-summit few days before and expected high-bands in a
great shape.
Anyway, I sat on 7012 and didn't move for the next five hours!!
Despite those great condx during the first night (2 hours at 100+ Qs) I found
40m pretty watery between 00-02z (mostly with US) and it sounds really unusual
here. Probably I still had some RTX troubles.
At 05z I found 9A9A S50A YT3A ahead of me.
On Saturday evening I realized it was a race with 9A9A and S50A since YT3A was
some 60Qs behind and OK1RF still at 15Qs, as during Saturday morning.
At the end I came close to S50A, some 10Qs behind while 9A9A was surely in
another contest!! Congrats.
I often had 9A9A on the 2nd VFO and I could hear him working some loud EUs that
didn't call me for the whole contest despite we were only 2/3 khz far away...
It seems that EUs didn't like me!!!hi

Anyway it was a pleasure once again operating from this great top hill location.
Tnx to Claudio I4VEQ & Francesco I4IND for their support and I3MLU, who had a
trip on Saturady, right in time to have a lunch at the local restaurant.

Disappointed on Monday when I discovered that this contest and WPX SSB too won't
count for WRTC2006. That's life.....


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