[3830] All Asian CW 9M2CNC(@9M2RPN) SOSB/15 HP

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Sun Jun 19 21:59:32 EDT 2005

                    All Asian DX Contest, CW

Call: 9M2CNC
Operator(s): 9M2CNC
Station: 9M2RPN

Class: SOSB/15 HP
QTH: Kuala Lumpur
Operating Time (hrs): 18

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    0     0
   80:    0     0
   40:    0     0
   20:    0     0
   15:  894    66
   10:    0     0
Total:  894    66  Total Score = 119,724

Club: VKCC


Station: IC756 Pro I, Acom 1010 amplifier, 400W output
Antenna - Force 12 C3-S at 12m

Due to too much radio time this month I was only able to put in a Single Band
entry. Conditions were down but the increased JA support was most welcomed. It
was good to work many JA stations not in the master.dta file! On the downside,
signals from Eu were generally weak and QSOs hard going with many requests for
repeats from my end.

Thank you for all the QSOs and looking forward to IARU...

73 de Rich, 9M2CNC (ex. 9M2/G4ZFE)

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