[3830] CaQP KS6U Cnty Exped HP

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Tue Oct 4 01:34:44 EDT 2005

                    California QSO Party

Call: KS6U
Operator(s): KS6U
Station: KS6U

Class: Cnty Exped HP
QTH: Modoc
Operating Time (hrs): 30

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  160:   87     13
   80:   80     74
   40:  170    195
   20:  409    357
   15:   50     40
Total:  796    679  Mults = 58  Total Score = 216,514

Club: Central Oregon DX Club


Operators K2DI, K4XU, KI6Y, KS6U, W7MT, W7YOW, K7YLO, and K7IMO. Average age of
the hardy folks is over 70.

The conditions this year, both propagational and meteorological, were
challenging to say the least. We will post some pictures on the codxc.org web
site. Our score was about 2/3 of last year. Ten was dead and 15 nearly so. We
added a 160m antenna this year which helped. We have never seen 40m die at 9PM

It is a 200 mile excursion from our homes in Bend to the site over the CA line
in the Modoc National Forest. We brought our tower trailer for the main antenna
and a TA33 jr to put on the fire tower. With gusts to >40mph, it was a challenge
to get them up. Overnight the director blew off the TA33 on the 50' trailer
tower. No matter how hard we searched, we could not find the boom-to-element
block needed to put the element back on. We discovered however, that a
directorless TA33 has almost perfect SWR performance on all three bands. Thus
somewhat confirming its reputation as a rotatable dummy load. We would not vouch
for its directivity in this condition either since I worked VR2BG off the back

Our last state was Delaware. Our thanks and compliments to W3PP. We worked a
bunch of VE2, VY1, and RI - the ones we have missed in the past. Towards the end
of the contest we were asked by several stations if we had heard the counties
they still needed. In all of perhaps six or seven individual requests, the same
county was never mentioned twice. We take that to mean that all the counties
were well represented.

Our equipment was two IC756 with SB-200 amps, and a IC746 with an IC2KL. In
addition to the two beams, we had a 40m dipole at 50', an 80m inverted V and a
160m inverted L fed against the lookout tower. Power at the site is limited and
was augmented with a 2 kw generator. One station was in the site garage, the
other two in motorhome/trailers.

See y'all next year.
Dick, K4XU

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