[3830] Makrothen RTTY VA7ST SO/Single Xcvr LP

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Sun Oct 9 12:21:20 EDT 2005

                    Makrothen RTTY Contest

Call: VA7ST
Operator(s): VA7ST
Station: VA7ST

Class: SO/Single Xcvr LP
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band  QSOs
   80:   18
   40:   51
   20:  115
Total:  184  Total Score = 809,920



3 el. tribander @ 45'
40M delta loops (2 ele. aimed E-SE)
80M delta loop

Had a fun time, though the score is down from last year's 1.52 million to just
809K. Number of Qs down from 272 to 184, and not quite as many long-haul DX Qs
this time out (no Reunion, no VK/ZLs, sigh, and only modest EU openings). Had a
couple of nice JA runs but nothing longer than half an hour. Zip on 15M and

Felt like an idiot during the first period Friday evening. Not getting anything
on 40M, I checked the cables and discovered I had mislabelled my 2 ele 40M delta
loop array and have been using a fence-mounted trapped vertical on 40M for the
past month or so (since a lightning storm had all the cables disconnected in
early September). Switched over to the REAL delta array and worked a pile of
stations for the next hour. Worked very nicely, once it was actually in use.

I'd say participation may have been down a bit from last year -- conditions
keeping folks on other things, perhaps. 

I didn't stick with the RTTY Sprint (made 1 Q then quit as conditions on 20M
weren't good), after a long stretch in Makrothen prior to 0000z. Still battling
S8 powerline noise for the entire NE-E-SE sector of the horizon, which really
hammers signals from the States and beyond. Sorry for those I couldn't hear

Be back for more Makrothen next time. I kept thinking during the contest that
this is among my top favorites -- simple exchange, great scoring system, and for
a second-year event, lots of stations involved.

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