[3830] NA Sprint RTTY KE9S HP

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Sun Oct 9 12:46:07 EDT 2005

                    NA Sprint RTTY Contest

Call: KE9S
Operator(s): KE9S
Station: KE9S

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   19    0:26
   40:  142    2:33
   20:   40    1:01
Total:  201    Mults = 24  Total Score = 4,824




Had a fun time. I usually don't do contest that don't hand out certificates, but
I had a new computer to try out and 4 hours was not to long of time to spend at
this. A local ham K8IR helped me set my computer up and was giving this contest
a try also. He was on team so I joined the same team and played out the contest.
The computer worked great but Murphy got me on 80 meters when I smoked my balun
and couldn't work that band anymore. I had to go back to a quiet 40 meter band.

Top Stations worked:

AD4EB - 11
K8IR - 10
K6LL - 10
W7WW - 10
K7WM - 10
K3MM - 9
KE5OG - 8

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