[3830] PaQP W8MJ Single Op LP

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Tue Oct 11 17:45:19 EDT 2005

                    Pennsylvania QSO Party

Call: W8MJ
Operator(s): W8MJ
Station: W8MJ

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 22.0
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  160:   24     21
   80:   95    141
   40:  128    313
   20:   20       
Total:  267    475  Mults = 67  Total Score = 62,645.0

Club: Mad River Radio Club


This was the first year in operating this contest since 1996 that I got the
sweep of the counties on the first day.  I thought the counties were well
represented, and many of rare counties being covered by the mobiles really
helped out.  Thought the mobiles and rovers did a good job, and all signals were
good on 40 and 80.  Worked W3USA/M 32 times.  20 meters was very weak here, and
had to work to get the ones in the log.  Conditions on 40 at the start on
Saturday seem good, but then deteriated after a couple of hours, and then seemed
to pick back up again just before sunset the first day.  Went to 80 early and
that appeared to be a good move the ritty contest on 40 cw taking over the band.
 Went throught a try period at one point trying to work people.  Seems like they
were intent on working each other instate instead of trying to work out state as
well.  Things were slow and grueling all day Sunday.  Thanks to all those that
answered my CQ's and work me.  Had 374 uniques in the log. Score does not
reflect an additional 1400 points for working K3YTL (7) times.  Until next time.

Ken W8MJ

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