[3830] WAG DJ1YFK(@DL0TUD) SO Mixed QRP

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Sun Oct 16 15:11:00 EDT 2005

                    Worked All Germany Contest

Call: DJ1YFK
Operator(s): DJ1YFK
Station: DL0TUD

Class: SO Mixed QRP
QTH: Dresden
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  SSB Qs  Mults
   80:  258     19      32
   40:  282      1      39
   20:  148     31      37
   15:   94     10      27
   10:   20              8
Total:  802     61     143  Total Score = 329,615

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


After 2 years of unserious M/S operations in WAG, back to the QRP category where
I started in my first WAG in 1999.
Old record was at 285k (by DL6MHW, 2001), last year's winning score at 189k.

Condx and activity levels were excellent, and the nice antennas at our
university clubstation DL0TUD certainly helped a lot. I was amazed when
5Z4/UA4WHX/A pulled my QRP signals out of the noise on 40m; I guess the trick
was to find him before anyone else did :-)
The 10m-opening to the US at the end was a nice, but not completely unexpected
since at least 12m had been open to the US almost every day in the last week.
Also great to see a lot of activity from fellow WWYCers, not only from DL.

61 QSOs were made in SSB. Unfortunately some mults were not available in CW, so
I had to torture myself and the OPs I worked with my puny QRP signals in SSB.
Kudos to TF3XEN for not giving up with me on 80m!

A number of multiplier-QSOs and also normal QSOs were not actually contest-QSOs:
According to the WAG rules it's allowed to log stations who don't send a serial
number with "000", I did this quite a few times.

Looking forward to see other scores; especially in the M/S category...

RIG: TS-850 @ ~4W 
ANT: Dipoles @ 24m inv-V for 40/80m, 3el Tribander at 25m

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