[3830] JARTS OH2BP Single Op HP

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Mon Oct 17 03:03:40 EDT 2005

                    JARTS WW RTTY Contest

Call: OH2BP
Operator(s): OH2BP
Station: OH2BP

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Helsinki
Operating Time (hrs): 36
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   80:  219   457    44
   40:  367   831    72
   20:  520  1246    82
   15:  335   838    76
   10:   74   165    32
Total: 1515  3537   306  Total Score = 1,082,322

Club: Contest Club Finland


Oh Boy, what a blast. 

Tried to keep going all night long, had to surrender to some night sleep

My new SO2R set-up with two MosFET PA's seems to work pretty well. A-radio
has a full 1 kW and the B-radio 300W output. SO2R filtering is using the W3NQN
BandPassFilters and homemade stubs for 40/15M & 20/10M.

My major concern still remains on high latitude location, but this weekend I was
able to enjoy for a while some of the 'low latitudes' band conditions. Even the
10M band opened for hours.

Thank you all for who exchanged report points with me, 73 de Kari OH2BP.

After a quick and preliminary log search, I found these (while mentioning these
call signs, please don't think that any Qso aren't valuable for me):

7X0RY, FR1HZ, FR5GS, HS0AR, HS0EHF, TU5JM, ZS6BBK, EA9IB, JT1CO (also on 80M),
SV5/DL3DRN (one of my 5 banders), CO2IZ, VR2XLN, KH6GMP (40M over the Pole),
UK/JI2MED, R1ANF (Antarctis), 3A2MW, DV1JM, TR8CA.
Quite a number of JA's and W's for a while - TNX. Caribbean and SA not many.

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