[3830] JARTS WW4LL Single Op LP

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Mon Oct 17 17:39:07 EDT 2005

                    JARTS WW RTTY Contest

Call: WW4LL
Operator(s): WW4LL
Station: WW4LL

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 38
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   80:   62   125    14
   40:  249   552    50
   20:  402  1004    71
   15:  297   829    56
   10:   19    53    13
Total: 1029  2563   204  Total Score = 522,852

Club: South East Contest Club


Absolutely loved it!  Felt like I was out of the country operating again with
huge pileups as this was my first attempt ever into the SO2R world.  I bought
the DX Doubler at Dayton and all the cables but haven't hooked it up yet.  Focus
has been on revamping other parts of the station and antennas.  I did SO2R the
the old fashion way I guess, so it kept me hopping between the two rigs, two
computers, etc.  At first handling two calls at the same time was a challenge
but soon got into a groove.

Thanks to JARTS for sponsoring a great contest and to everyone for the contacts.
 See you again soon!

73'......Fred WW4LL

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