[3830] JARTS W0ETC Single Op HP

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Mon Oct 17 19:54:48 EDT 2005

                    JARTS WW RTTY Contest

Call: W0ETC
Operator(s): W0ETC
Station: W0ETC

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Iowa
Operating Time (hrs): 7.5

 Band  QSOs  Pts  Mults
   80:    0    0     0
   40:   54  119    23
   20:  153  360    51
   15:   61  163    31
   10:    5   14     5
Total:  273  656   130  Total Score = 72,100

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


Not a serious effort.  But, still it was fun to have most things working again
even if it was with a radio that has nothing narrower than 500 Hz filters in the
455KC and 9 MHz IFs.  

Three times the computer went to standby and then rebooted.  If you called me at
one of those times, my apologies for disappearing.  Finally, after the 3rd time
Windows ask if I wanted to avoid my computer going to standby and I picked yes. 
We'll see if that helps any.

Nice to work Algeria on 40 RTTY. You couldn't hear me say it but if you were
under 45 I said "baby".  However, to all over 70 I said "keep on going old
timer."  And, as I can tell you given my health situation, enjoy today for it is
the only day we are guaranted.

73 Larry L


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