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Mon Oct 31 06:06:34 EST 2005

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: OZ1ADL
Operator(s): OZ1ADL
Station: OZ1ADL

Class: SOSB(A)/40 HP
QTH: Galten, Denmark
Operating Time (hrs): 30

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   40: 1360    36      127
Total: 1360    36      127  Total Score = 346,375

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


This was my first real full contest with our new 3 elm. full size Yagi at 20 m -
see http://www.oz1adl.com

I was excited, as I usually only spend little time on 40, when we operate M/S,
and now I was going to be here for a whole week-end, with all the noise and the
broadcast stations - and not least, "riding" the interesting cycle around the
earth, where you can follow the greyline
http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/greyline.html and try to figure out where the next
multiplier may come from...

I started out nice and easy, trying to get a run frequency, which was hard, very
hard, but I got a good beginning and then started investigating the new 100 KHz
up above for the first time. It was very pleasant up there, but not a lot of
stations coming back to  my calls at first, but that seemed to change over the
week-end, as people were adjusting their strategies.
..Already at noon on saturday, I had made DXCC - What a fantastic world there at
7MHz - almost anything was possible. I was working W´s all the way up to 1
o´clock in the afternoon - amazing - and then,  in came the JA´s from the east.
It was a lot of fun and all of a sudden I had Hawaii call me, still with the
antenna pointing east...and shortly thereafter Alaska... WOW, I fell that ham
spirit from my early boyhood, when I would work a G-station on 10 m - and be
facinated with the fact that it was possible for weeks thereafter...
The band was getting more and more crowded and as people were being pushed from
one side, the stations were moving and adjusting like one big organism - and
then, of course, came the usual running of the gauntlet between the daily users
of the lower segment of the band, who were defending their "territories" as
vehemently as IT9RYH is "defending" 14.195 - the tone got pretty bad both there
and on DX Summit, but they were very helpful in spotting new multipliers for all
of us contesters...I wish there could be more mutual understanding and
flexibility, that one week-end a year so that you don´t have to spend your time
arguing about bandplans with someone who doesn´t want to go try on 17 m that one
week-end a year...well, it´s there every year in one form or another, and will
hopefully change as more countries open up to the higher end of the band - or
the old defenders take another approach.
I had many good moments during this contest, inbetween catching flies in the
shack while calling CQ - in fact, one could write a whole book - or a song
http://www.oz1adl.com/html/the_ham_band.html  about a contest like this one and
all the ups and downs you go through - and how tired you become...
The last thrill was when VQ9A showed up, just about as I was going to leave the
shack and go to bed - a new country and a new zone - and good night!

The family is calling...

vy 73s de Jan, OZ1ADL

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