[3830] CQWW SSB K5PTC M/2 HP

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Mon Oct 31 12:01:14 EST 2005

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: K5PTC
Operator(s): N1YXU, N5AOK, W5MF, K7LEX, K5UO, K5CX, W5SB, W5PF, N1LN
Station: K5PTC

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: South Texas
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   40     9       16
   80:  127    18       55
   40:  316    29      101
   20:  752    32      123
   15:  538    33      116
   10:   91     9       25
Total: 1864   130      436  Total Score = 2,579,262

Club: Pesky Texan Contesters


The plan this year was to enter in the Multi-single class as we have for the
past 7 years.  With the band conditions as they are, in the final 10 minutes
before the contest started, Mike, K5UO, and I decided to try M2.  Why -
simple... to increase the level of activity for the op on station 2.    This
turned out to be a good idea, especially as we had both stations staffed for 
the entire 48 hours.   Our total score is not great, but hey.... we are in
South Texas and at the bottom of the sun spot cycle.  What we did have again
this year was a good time.

We did manage to have a few events during the contest.  About 1/2 hr in, the
computer on station 2 decided to crash with a network violation.  After a
reboot and restart of WriteLog off we went again.  This only happened once
during the contest so not sure if it was related to my recent upgrade to 10.55
or just a fluke.   Then on Sunday afternoon we had a quick power failure. 
was more interesting as everything crashed.  ( I know... where is the UPS? ) 
This time both computers, modem, router/switch, software and networking had to

be restarted.   Thanks to WriteLog's wonderful power fail capabilities no Qs 
were lost and we were once again on our way.   As the power failure happened
the exact time the Texans scored a touch down and went ahead of the Browns - 
and... eventually went on to win their first game of the year, I think the two

events were related.  I doubt if the linkage will ever be proved.  

Thanks to the DX stations that kept with us on 160 and 75 until they got our 
call and exchange info.  Congrats to all the entries with those BIG scores.  

Now the sad and happy news.  All good things do come to an end and, if you are

lucky, new doors are opened that be followed by new and exciting adventures.  
The first CQ-WW from my Conroe,Texas QTH was in October 1999 after moving from

MA to TX.   In June 2006 my wife Laurie ( N1YXU ) and I will be moving to 
Chapel Hill, NC, so this was the last CQ-WW-SSB from our Texas QTH.  We will 
indeed miss our good friends and fellow hams but are looking forward to 
becoming part of the East Coast IRON CURTAIN !   I doubt if we will be totally

on-the-air by October 2006, but we hope to have a couple of the towers started

and perhaps a few antennas up by then.  I have already been in contact with 
some of the local PVRC Hams in the area and they are awaiting our arrival to 
help with the tower and antenna setup and - hopefully - contesting and 
operating !!   The new house is already under construction and we have about 1

1/2 acres cleared ready for the towers.  Keep you ears open next fall for 

73 for now - see you this weekend in ARRL - SS.

Bruce - N1LN
( K5PTC - Pesky Texan Contesters )

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