[3830] NA Sprint SSB K5PTC(N1LN) HP

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Sun Sep 18 13:19:46 EDT 2005

                    NA Sprint SSB Contest

Call: K5PTC
Operator(s): N1LN
Station: N1LN

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4.0

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   62     1.0
   40:  101     1.5
   20:   99     1.5
Total:  262    Mults = 45  Total Score = 11,790




This is the first SSB-Sprint that I participated in.  I have
played in a few CW-Sprints but not for about 2 years.  Last week
K5GA - Bill used my station for CW.  Well, after his great start
on 20 and 40 then dropping back on 80, due to my inverted-L, I 
thought it was time to also have a dipole.  That went up last
Sunday. (Sorry Bill !!) I think it did improve 80/75 but still lost
many times on the front of a couplet.  It did get quite frustrating to 
finally get into a rythm and then lose a race.   Must have happened
about 25 times accross all bands.   Oh well, fun anyway.

Condidtions seemed pretty good from south Texas and, thanks to 
my beverages 75mtrs did not cause the normal static crash head-ache.

Don't forget next weekend is the Texas QSO Party.  Stop by and give the Pesky 
Texan Contesters a few Qs.  We will be M/M using K5PTC.

Bruce - N1LN
(K5PTC - Bob)

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