[3830] ARRL 160 W8MRM(N8MR) Single Op LP

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Sun Dec 3 12:37:19 EST 2006

                    ARRL 160-Meter Contest

Call: W8MRM
Operator(s): N8MR
Station: N8MR

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 18.6

Total:  QSOs = 606  Sections = 67  Countries = 7  Total Score = 91,242

Club: Motor City Radio Club


Used the Motor City Radio Club's callsign for this one. A last-minute change in
the Club's Christmas Party prevented me from starting right at 2100 UTC. 

This was a good opportunity for me to test the loop antenna I put up two weeks
ago. It sure is directional. After years of not having rotatable antennas, it
took some getting used to. In many cases, it can hear things the inverted L
buries in the noise. At the same time, there were many signals the inverted L
could hear that the loop couldn't. Noise levels here were higher than usual,
but I love trying to dig out those weak signals. 

QSO count was down from last year, but multipliers were up. This resulted in a
slightly better score than last year. 

Still my favorite contest of the year. 

Mike, N8MR

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