[3830] RTTY Roundup N6HC Single Op HP

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Sun Jan 8 20:28:24 EST 2006

                    ARRL RTTY Roundup

Call: N6HC
Operator(s): N6HC
Station: N6HC

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  QSOs
   80:  120
   40:   84
   20:  309
   15:  159
   10:    0
Total:  672  State/Prov = 51  Countries = 17  Total Score = 45,696

Club: Southern California Contest Club


I like to play in this RTTY contest every year (since 1995). I've missed a few
due to work obligations and travel.  There always seems to be activity and
rarely are their doldrums to endure.  I was only able to muster 12 hours of
operating time on this go-round.  I ran modest power for about half the contest
(500 watts) and dropped the power back to 100 watts when the neighbors wanted to
watch football games on their TV (haven't they heard of cable or satellite?).  I
didn't notice much of a difference between high and low power!  Maybe next year
I'll try low power for the entire contest period.  Murphy took a holiday (for
that I'm ecstatic).  See you all in the remainder of the contest season.
Best regards, Arnie N6HC

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