[3830] RTTY Roundup NG7Z Single Op LP

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Sun Jan 8 20:35:50 EST 2006

                    ARRL RTTY Roundup

Call: NG7Z
Operator(s): NG7Z
Station: NG7Z

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Bothell, WA
Operating Time (hrs): 11.4

 Band  QSOs
   80:   43
   40:   66
   20:  120
   15:   80
   10:    5
Total:  314  State/Prov = 44  Countries = 16  Total Score = 18,840

Club: Western Washington DX Club


First time out in this contest. Icom 756, Hexbeam and 80M Delta loop. Software
was TrueTTY and AAlog. Great combination. However, it doesn't score for you. So
I had to do it in Excel. But I actually like figuring my own score. Anyhow,
great contest and worked a lot of familiar calls and a bunch of new ones. Being
a CW op by nature, this was a fun exercise. Getting to really like RTTY
contesting now. Have done a number of them. So each one is a new record for me
to break.
Thanks for all the Q's and 73 to all.
Paul NG7Z

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