[3830] RTTY Roundup N0AC(@N0NI) Single Op LP

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Mon Jan 9 08:24:28 EST 2006

                    ARRL RTTY Roundup

Call: N0AC
Operator(s): N0AC
Station: N0NI

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs
   80:  282
   40:  335
   20:  452
   15:  125
   10:    4
Total: 1198  State/Prov = 55  Countries = 53  Total Score = 129,384



I operated this contest as a memorial to Larry, W0ETC, who died last August at
too young of an age. Larry contested at Toni's station regularly enjoying RTTY
and SSB the most. We talk about Larry often and still have trouble believing he
is gone. RIP Larry.

Thanks to Toni and Colleen for the use of the station once again. I felt loud on
all bands. A few times some rig/computer problems caused me to stop and do some
repair work. Not until sometime Sunday did I get that problem resolved. I hope
the score is good enough to be able to proudly display the W0ETC memorial plaque
at N0NI's station where Larry loved to operate.

Bill, N0AC

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