[3830] VE9DX ARRL RTTY RU 2006 Correction

McLellan, Andrew Andrew.McLellan at saintjohn.ca
Tue Jan 10 08:01:13 EST 2006

Don't know how I did it but had listed North Coast Contesters...
Credit should be Maritime Contest Club
     ARRL RTTY Roundup
Call: VE9DX
Operator(s): VE9DX
Station: VE9DX
Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 15
 Band  QSOs
   80:  317
   40:  128
   20:  213
   15:   75
   10:    0
Total:  733  State/Prov = 53  Countries = 43  Total Score = 70,368
Club: Maritime Contest Club
Great time...  
80m:  My best results ever on 80.  Doesn't sound like much but with my
power, I was pleased with the results.  Bunch of European's, an African
and a
couple South American's (17 countries in all) were entered in the log
plus a
bunch of West Coast US.  Did work a AL7 but he was portable in 7 land.
40m:  Did not spend much time on 40 this year. The total number of Q's
that.  Again worked an KL7 but this time he was portable in 9 land...!
20m:  Lots of stations to be worked.  Found stations from 14.060 to
Really crowded.  Anytime I found a spot to run, within 4 or 5 minutes,
the big
guns moved in so I ended up moving alot.  Finally worked a AL1 for the
15m:  Not real good at the times I was available.  Nice little run
though late
Sunday afternoon to the West Coast. 
10m:  Listened often, heard NOTHING.
Really did not look for mults.  I just took what came my way.  Missed
heard) DE, DC and NV.
My very last contact AJ1M - 23:59:40 in West Virginia ...NEW.
Was totally amazed with the number of VA/VE3's worked.
What a great way to finish off a month's holidays.  Contest finished at
8 PM
local time.  Up and off to work 3:30 AM Monday...!
Logs will be uploaded later today to LOTW.
Thanks to every one that called.  73 and a HNY from our house to yours
to all.
Andy (VE9DX)
Software:  Writelog with MMtty  (worked flawlessly again -ole faithful)
           30 watts to an all band Butternut Vertical
FYI.  My vertical is located on a small lake behind our house.  The feed

is about 1/2 foot above the water line

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