[3830] NAQP CW KO7AA Single Op LP

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Sun Jan 15 12:12:59 EST 2006

                    North American QSO Party, CW

Call: KO7AA
Operator(s): KO7AA
Station: KO7AA

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 7.0

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    0     0
   80:   26    19
   40:  153    46
   20:  238    53
   15:   98    31
   10:    0     0
Total:  515   149  Total Score = 76,735




It's always good to work everyone, this is a fun test. My 100W to a
vertical played well on the higher bands, but it was becoming less
fun on the low bands, and my wife wanted to go out, so I operated
the first 7 hours straight.

I didn't know that it would take 12-14 weeks to get my US Tower 89'
crankup due to a huge backlog of orders. My monster beam is all put
together, sitting on sawhorses in the yard - an Optibeam OB4020, it
is a 3 el 40M and 5 el 20M on a 50' boom with seperate feedlines.
The tower is due the end of February, so I guess I'll be using the
vertical for the rest of this contest season.

73, Bill WB0O/KO7AA in Tucson

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