[3830] NAQP SSB K5NZ Single Op LP

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Sun Jan 22 08:42:59 EST 2006

                    North American QSO Party, SSB

Call: K5NZ
Operator(s): K5NZ
Station: K5NZ

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: tx
Operating Time (hrs): 6.5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   98    36
   80:  184    46
   40:  154    44
   20:  291    48
   15:   36    11
   10:    1     1
Total:  764   186  Total Score = 142,104




Storms, broken antennas, dinner in town with XYL and friends, and anything else
I could think of kept me from staying in the chair!  Wish I could have, as there
were just endless folks to work!  And they say this hobby is dying?  well if it
is, the few that are left are all starting to enjoy contesting!  Got some good
SO2R practice and enjoyed working all the good friends I have meet doing this.. 
thanks for the Q's and the QSY's.. congrats to all the pros with the huge


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