[3830] ARRL Jan VHF KB1DFB(@KB1H) Limited Multi-Op HP

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Mon Jan 23 10:16:01 EST 2006

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Call: KB1DFB
Operator(s): KB1DFB KB1H N1GKI NB1U
Station: KB1H

Class: Limited Multi-Op HP
QTH: FN41cu
Operating Time (hrs): 27

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  202    25
    2:  150    23
  222:   42    17
  432:   51    15
Total:  445    80  Total Score = 43,040

Club: Eastern Connecticut Amateur Radio Assn.


Here is our story of pain. The 6M and 432 were the only bands we felt we
had running well. The 2M and 222 amplifiers do not have the correct
input impedance to work well with the new DEM 144 Mhz transverter and the 220
amp seems even worst. First major project is to rework these
input circuits. Attempts to insert varying lengths of coax did not help.

6M is using a FT-1000MP Mark V with a FTV-1000 transverter. It works sweet
and 1KW is not a problem. 432 Mhz has a pair of 3CX800A7 and this amp can
push a KW no problem. All amps share a common power supply so we can not
use a KW on all bands. We normally run about 500-600 watts per band and
With the problems with the input circuits this is usually quite a bit
less on 220 and 144.

So the starting setup is this:

         6M - FT-1000MP Mrk V and FTV-1000 Homebrew 8877 (800 Watts)
         2M - FT-1000MP, DEM 144 transverter Homebrew 8877 (350 watts)
         220 - FT-736 Homebrew 8877 (250 Watts)
         432 - FT-1000MP DEM 432 and homebrew pair of 3CX800A7 (600 Watts)

Running on 6M we were told that we had many calling our 2M station but
we could not hear them. 2M receiver seems very poor. To change from 432
or 144 to 220 the operator must change Heil headsets. Hey, yelling on 144 
but got the 220 earphones on! OK, this fixes some of the dead ears
but the signals are still weak. Change the 2M setup to use the FT-736 and
eliminate the DEM transverter. Much better but still not satisfied with the
sensitivity. Finally check the recently installed roofing filter in the
FT-1000MP. Ah ha! A wiring error. Fix that and the receiver now works
like a champ! Now it's like 12 midnight and too tired to configure the 
station back with the DEM 144/ Do that in the morning.

Start operating about 9AM Sunday morning on 6M and around 9:30 KB1DFB
shows up and reconfigures the 2M setup. Now all is working really good. 
I have to bring my son to college for "move-in" day so off I go on a 
3.5 hour trip. KB1DFB has 33 QSOs on 2M and goal is to have 100 QSOs
before I return. I return around 2:30 and we now have 89 QSOs on 2M.

The rest of the contest is nothing unusual except no openings on
6m or 2M. We managed to make 44 QSOs in the NAQP SSB contest Saturday

Before we quit for the night at 0400Z Monday we have already researched,
located, and priliminary designed the switching we are to build for the
VHF/UHF station. We will get better!

Thanks to all for the QSOs and QSY. Thanks to the operators here, KB1DFB
N1GKI, NB1U and KB1H. Special thanks to KB1DFB for continuing to drive
us to get better.

 Dick - KB1H

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