[3830] CQ160 CW W7WHY Single Op LP

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Sun Jan 29 16:17:05 EST 2006

                    CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW

Call: W7WHY
Operator(s): W7WHY
Station: W7WHY

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 3

Total:  QSOs = 77  State/Prov = 25  Countries = 0  Total Score = 4,375



Band    QSOs    Pts  Sta   Cty
   1.8      77    175   25    0
 Total      77    175   25    0
Score: 4,375

Came home from work early Friday with the flu, so that kinda shot down the
weekend for me.  Was planning on doing the CQ 160 and BARTG RTTY test.  Played
in both and made about 125 Q's between the 2 tests.  Like this test, but sure
wish I had an amp on 160.  Heard a lot of stations calling CQ that just call in
my face.  73

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