[3830] CQ160 CW N2NL Multi-Op HP

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Sun Jan 29 19:44:59 EST 2006

                    CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW

Call: N2NL
Operator(s): N2NL
Station: N2NL

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 8

Total:  QSOs = 505  State/Prov = 58  Countries = 20  Total Score = 138,372

Club: Northern California Contest Club


I had too much stuff to do this weekend (homework of all things) so I was only
able to put in about 8 hours, most of which was during the first night.  I had a
good time chatting with the K7RAT crew and others on the low band DX chat page
which put me in the Multi-op category.  Packet was only really useful for
telling me where all the DX I couldn't hear was located.

Great stateside conditions the first night, but not so good to DX.  Very little
QRN, and it was easy to work all 50 states.  Of the normally workable VE
sections, I missed VE4 and VE9.  I worked 63 JA's the first morning, along with
a few UA0's, and JT1CO.  HS0ZDL was loud for over an hour, louder than the JA's
he was CQing into the faces of, but I just couldn't get his attention.

The second night seemed to have poorer stateside conditions but better DX.  It
was raining (as it usually does when the band is open) which brought up the
noise floor substantially.  My European Beverage passes under the transmit
antenna (space limited) and is prone to noise in rainy conditions as a result. 
I worked CU2A, CT3FN, and EA8AH the second night, all loud.  I packed it in
early the second night, and it looks like I missed some good Asian DX the second
morning by doing so.

I'm still impressed at how well my simple half-wave sloper works.  When
conditions are there, I really feel loud into Asia and Europe with it.  One end
is at 130ft on the tower, the other @60ft in a tree half way down the hill,
pointed north.


CU in the CW Sprint in a couple weeks!
73, Dave N2NL/6

DX worked (and qty): 
JA(63), KH6(5), UA0(4), KL7(3), KP2(2), XE(2), CT3, CU, EA8, HI, JT, KP4, PJ2,
V3, VK, VP9, YV, ZF, ZL

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