[3830] CQ160 CW N9ADG Single Op HP

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Mon Jan 30 00:26:58 EST 2006

                    CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW

Call: N9ADG
Operator(s): N9ADG
Station: N9ADG

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Preston, WA
Operating Time (hrs): 21

Total:  QSOs = 478  State/Prov = 56  Countries = 8  Total Score = 81,920

Club: Western Washington DX Club


It was a dark and stormy night, the times that try radiomens souls, and test
blimp tether lines. Although the weather forecast predicted harsh winds and
multiple storms, I laughed at the thought of inclement weather curtailing my 160
meter contest activity.  I launched my 1/4 WL blimp-supported vertical into the
gathering darkness. Despite heavy rain, I was going along well until the wind
started picking up about 0200 local time. Three trips outside to readjust
things, one trip to the hangar to towel off the moisture (doesn't take much to
add a couple of pounds of water condensation to the outside of a 13' blimp,
causing a loss of lift), but sometime between 4am and light I suffered an
unexpected radical de-blimpification -- the wind had leaned it over into the
trees into the trees, where it was rent through and through. The PVC haunts me
from where it still drapes, dali-esque, about 60 feet off the ground.  The
morning opening on Saturday was unfortunately uneventful for me, from a radio

During the light on Saturday I used a bow and arrow to get a line into the top
of a tall cottonwood, and pulled the 135' wire to the top -- about 55 degrees
from horizontal.. And I was back in business. Worked the dusk signals, then fell
asleep after the family dinner (fireplace made the room too hot) and the kids
festooned me with stuffed animals, blankets, and a pillow. They were laughing
too hard to wake me up, so I got three hours of unanticipated sleep until 10pm
local. Two more hours in the chair, then to bed until 4am.  

Failing the first rule of "butt in seat", I can't complain about my score this

I was pleased to HEAR HS0ZDJ on Sunday morning.  

Thanks to all for stopping by, and as I've said before, dupes don't bother me,
especially when it's 2nd night after unexpected antenna work and I'm not really
sure if I'm getting out any more.  I had a pleasant ragchew with someone that
responded to my "CQ TEST" cq, and hope they handed out a few contacts to others,
too. Special thanks to K4TO who dug me out of the mud for a needed mult in the
early saturday evening. Your patience is what gives this contest and band its

Hope to see you all in the next one! 

Brian N9ADG

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