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Sun Jun 11 04:24:43 EDT 2006

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: ZA/DF4SA
Operator(s): DF4SA
Station: ZA/DF4SA

Class: SOSB40 LP
Operating Time (hrs): 33

 Band  QSOs
   40: 1614
Total: 1614  Prefixes = 622  Total Score = 2,606,802

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


(Claiming new European 40m low power record).
Besides taking a shot at the 40m LP record, another goal of this operation was
to test a 40m 2ele moxon beam with 8m long fiberglass spreaders. The tests went
quite well and I could gain more valuable experience, both regarding the
mechanical and also electrical performance of the antenna. All this will
certainly be used during further development of our 40m antenna. However I
think we will not continue with the 2ele Moxon, but instead will go directly to
a 3ele Spiderbeam.
The Spiderbeam 10m long spreaders are only 2m longer than the Moxon 8m
spreaders, and I think the difference in performance is worth the trouble. I
still have the impression that not only the electrical difference between 3el
and 2el makes it worthwile, but also the Spiderbeam is a much less critical
structure, better maintaining its good performance even if the wires and
fiberglass tubes are swinging/bending in the wind etc.
So, stay tuned for further developments, we hope to have more news for you
within the next 6 months. The sunspot minium is approaching and we sure need
good antennas on the lowbands quickly!! :-)

RIG:  IC-735 (100w), 2ele Moxon beam, 486 laptop.

The hotel had a nice big roof and friendly staff, perfect for antenna work.
Unfortunately higher buildings in direction USA and a mountain towards UR/JA/VK
resulted in weaker signals in those directions.

Besides playing around with antennas and running pile-ups, I enjoyed the nice
beach & warm waters of the adriatic sea. I had a great time with the local
people and was overwhelmed by their friendliness and outstanding hospitality.
MNI TNX to Geni ZA1B and Alex ZA/UT7DW for all their help in making this
activity come true. I hope to see you soon again!

Thanks for a nice contest & congrats to all the other operators and especially
CN2WW (F6IRF) coming terribly close to the old CT3EE LP record .. makes me
wonder what category to enter next year ;)

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