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Sun Sep 3 15:15:05 EDT 2006

                    Russian RTTY WW Contest

Call: LZ9R
Operator(s): LZ3YY
Station: LZ3YY

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: nr.Aitos
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   80:   94   520    44
   40:  167  1005    70
   20:  259  1720    90
   15:   66   395    31
   10:    9    45     6
Total:  595  3685   241  Total Score = 888,085



TS850SAT 100W  2ele quad , Linear loaded vertical 80/40

Just amazing how good people hearing me with my simply ,low height antennas.
I moved the vertical at true hilltop and carefully spread radials around.
This resulted a better receiving performance,some NA stations were at S9
on 80 meters , but only VE2FBD pull me out on this band.Trusty switchable
2 el quad will be retired after CQWW CW and replaced with spiderbeam.
My plans are to put QUAD back after major repairs because I love this antenna
and possibility to instant switching directions.Only bad thing is my home made
ugly construction with too many wires,ropes etc. that prevent me to put it
at more height.
Back to RUS RTTY.
10 meters was open at sunday morning but it seems that nobody check in.
My 45 min. CQ was answered by only 6 stations all with booming signals.

Following are 5 banders : EN9M , UU7J , RZ3AXX

Mr Murphy become my friend.He gratiously visited every contest operation
last month. This time at saturday evening half part of one of 160M inv.vees 
broke and mast tilt at opposite site , as I have two crossed Inv.vees and they
serve as upper mast guys too.I call my father , LZ1TA and some friends
to emergency dismantle them.I stop contest , turn off everything to use
power extension cord outside , as I have not spare at contest site.
For my surprise , after outside work when trying to turn on ,PC suddenly
died.PC's power supply went to heaven.Had to call my friend at local
PC store,drive 15km. and buy a PC power supply,replace it and continue
with contest.  Lesson learned,next time will put another PC networked
to have a hot standby back-up.
All in all I'm quite happy with the result and 1 Meg points were reachable, 
but maybe next year.
73 es CU in CQ WW RTTY de Nasko,LZ9R

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