[3830] W0YK - NS (1 Sep)

J. Edward (Ed) Muns w0yk at msn.com
Sat Sep 2 13:27:09 EDT 2006

Band	20	40	All
QSOs	23	26	49
Mults	11	10	21

Score 1029

I never heard a trace of 'RO and only heard K7NV once on 20 and once on 40.
I was always late coming back to "KL9A/W7" because of all the typing
required to get Chris's call sign entered.  It's frustrating to be (human)
I/O-limited.  NS seems to be evolving to a W7 party with K7SS and KQ7W
running at 50-60 wpm.  I wonder if Danny's wife could shoot a video of him
running NS with a paper log, hand keying at 50 wpm, VFO tuning and running
over 140/hour?  That would be fascinating to view.

Ed - W0YK

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