[3830] N3BB 9/8 NS Practice

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 7 23:53:08 EDT 2006

N3BB HP 9/8/06 NS Practice

20 meters 20 QSOs 0000-0248
40 meters 24 QSOs 0000-0239
80 meters 9 QSOs  0252-0259
20 mults in order worked: NC, CA, OR, MA, IN, NY, VA, IL, NV, GA, WA, LA, 
KS, ON, WI, WV, MI, MT, PA, TX (tnx K5NZ)

I ran HP tonight to check the inter-station RFI, and things seemed clean. 
But my beverages are not working well, must walk the beverages and check 
them out. Was not able to use the beverages on 80 tonight. I'll get killed 
in the real deal with these things.

Good to hear the NS regulars plus a few "irregulars" like The Sprint 
Meister himself way up there in the Corner Pocket, plus KZ5D who will help 
bring LA to the table Saturday. The Austin Powers folks will have AR, LA, 
MS, and AL out there folks. Plus rare TX of course. Yeah team!

W9RE sounds like Mike is using a bug, but he has terrific numbers, even 
without blazing "wombat type" speeds.

The NS practice has helped. Calls that end in AJS or BH or UE or STX or ZM 
or WG or NR all are super familiar now, even w/out the prefix.

I still seem to get myself in some weirdo states with TR, and then after 
it's all over, I can't recreate the problem. Obviously I am doing something 
wrong in the heat of battle.

Tnx to the NCCC and all the NS guys. Great stuff.

Jim N3BB

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