[3830] NA Sprint CW K2KW(@K2KW/8) LP

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Sun Sep 10 00:19:10 EDT 2006

                    NA Sprint CW Contest

Call: K2KW
Operator(s): K2KW
Station: K2KW/8

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 3

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   40:  36       14
   20:  34       13
Total:  70     Mults = 27  Total Score = 1,890




Congrats to all who heard my puny signal!  I used 100w + 20m inverted-V 14' at
the peak on both 20 and 40m.

Highlights:  VY1JA called me on 20m, and G3LET called me somewhat early on 40m.
 (Ya gotta remember that I lived in CA for 16 years... so working a G on 40m
with a 20m dipole up 14' seems big.  Back in CA, a 3 ele 40m yagi and a KW on a
hill top can barely work a G!)

20m was strange for the first hour.  CA/WA/OR was very weak, yet N2IC in NM was
30-40 over S9 (wait until I get a real antenna, and Steve will pin my S-meter
for sure).  2om was also long, and the east coast guys were weak, and none
could hear me.  

About 0200z, CA finally got loud enough on 20m to start working my NCCC pals.  
CA was stronger on 40m by far than on 20m.

It was a struggle for every QSO.

73, Kenny K2KW

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