[3830] NA Sprint CW N6TR HP

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Sun Sep 10 11:37:01 EDT 2006

                    NA Sprint CW Contest

Call: N6TR
Operator(s): N6TR
Station: N6TR

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   90        
   40:  152        
   20:  130        
Total:  374    Mults = 46  Total Score = 17,204

Club: Boring ARC

Team: Corner Pocket #1


Conditions seemed very similar to last September with one tier of loud signals
on 20, then a second tier of a bunch of signals in the QRN (thunderstorms in
middle Oregon).  40 meters was pretty good - and 80 wasn't bad - except for the
horrible pileups.  Only used the second radio during the last hour with 38 band
changes.  This was due to a bonehead mistake on my part - not realizing that
the 3 element 20 on KL7 and the 40 meter beam were right next to each other and
transmitting on the 40 while the 20 was switched in.  This resulted in the 20
meter radio becoming deaf on 20 - but at least it still worked on 80.

Congrats to N5RZ at K5TR on a super effort.  That first hour just was too much
for the rest of us to overcome.

Guess I have made my contribution to my multiplier karma - and hopefully that
will pay off in February.  My last QSO was with K0AD just at the end of
regulation.  He had VE4XT call him after that QSO - whom I never heard during
the contest.  Never crossed paths with VY1JA or the VE9 either.  Was great to
hear a few VE7s on - and many thanks to Matt, Chris and Al (K7BG, KL9A and
KO7X) for putting Montana, Idaho and Wyoming on the air.  Now, we just need to
get someone on from Utah.

Having good activity from NE and KS makes up for nothing coming from the
Dakotas any more.

Hours: 103 86 88 97  

The new 5 element 20 played great - except most of my noise was from the same
direction as the signals, so the improved F/B didn't help that much.  It will
make a stronger statement in the SS CW me thinks.

Overall great activity.  Thanks for the QSOs and see you in February!!

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