[3830] N3BB 9/9 NS Practice

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Fri Sep 8 23:38:05 EDT 2006

The gear worked OK again tonight. All QRV now, except need to repair my NE 
beverage, which I found to be broken at the terminating resistor. Maybe I 
won't be deaf after all on 80 in the real deal.

I didn't do quite as well as last night. Tremendous competition in pile 
ups. 20 sounded fantastic. 40 full of SSB crappy stuff. 80 difficult but 
open to W6-W7.

Please wait for QSL before starting next QSO. I had two stations that 
didn't hear my string of dits asking for fills. Got the number from one by 
listening. Other one lost the QSO.

Ran at 38 WPM tonight. Seemed OK with the high level of oprs. Slowed as 
needed for speed used by stations worked. Seemed to be OK.

20 meters 22 QSOs 0230-0249
40 meters 19 QSOs 0230-0259
80 meters  8 QSOs 0250-0259

Total 49 QSOs 18 Mults

Mults in order: WA, NV, OR, CA, TN, OH, IN, TX, NC, ON, KS, NE, MA, VA, WV, 

Ten min segments: 17-14-19. Still have a slower middle ten minute segment 
for some reason.

Lots of activity. Lot of jump balls. Lots of lost jump balls. Good to see 
WW2Y in NE and K3WA in WV tonight. Ditto N4OGW in MS. Ditto W5JAW in 
Austin. Ditto W6OAT. Looking forward to all those mults that are in store 
for the real deal. Loud signals recalled: N6RO (20), N6TR (40), N4OGW (40). 
N2NL and N6TR very snappy good ops as always. "I love this thing!"

Jim N3BB

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