[3830] WAE SSB GW4BLE Single Op HP

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Sun Sep 10 20:32:15 EDT 2006

                    WAE DX Contest, SSB

Call: GW4BLE
Operator(s): GW4BLE
Station: GW4BLE

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Newport
Operating Time (hrs): 27.5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   80:   46    32    20
   40:  115    95    29
   20: 1350   669    75
   15:  133   184    46
   10:    0     0     0
Total: 1644   980   170  Total Score = 1,072,807



As planned, this wasn't a full-blown competitive entry this year - I've signed
GW7X for the last five years, and took 1st place in 2005; this was more of a
relaxed entry but hopefully sufficient for a place in the Top Ten.

It was fun to have some good runs on 20 metres, especially towards the end on
Sunday when the band was open late.

Took some large breaks - was QRV 0000-0400 the first day, then QRT until 1300
and quit again at 0100 until around 10:00 Sunday.  Weather was too hot to be in
the shack for long on Sunday so took a couple of breaks to eat some food out in
the sun shine!

The mults total were as taken from the screen (using Writelog) at the end of
the contest, so not checked yet for accuracy. I know TX(FH?) wasn't in my
country list so I'll need to fix that.

73  Steve

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