[3830] NA Sprint CW KM7W(KL9A) LP

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Mon Sep 11 02:15:01 EDT 2006

                    NA Sprint CW Contest

Call: KM7W
Operator(s): KL9A
Station: KM7W

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Idaho
Operating Time (hrs): 3

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
Total:  109    Mults = 30  Total Score = 3,270

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters

Team: Corner Pocket #1


Oh, the crazy things we do for contests!

Not really sure about the score.  The Q's are right, but the mults are just a
guess.  My laptop died after the 17th qso, so I had to paper log after that. 
Sorry to anyone that I duped.

QTH was Mary Minerva McCroskey State Park, about an hour drive north of here
near the town of Tensed, ID.  Here are 2 Google Earth shots of the location: 
http://www.kl7g.org/kl9a/sprintqth.jpg and

I setup a BB3 screwdriver antenna with a 102 inch whip, and 4 radials per band,
clamped to one of those screw in dog run things.  Pix at

Sorry for the long link.

Great location, poor antenna.  I could hear *EVERYTHING* including about 15
Europeans in WAE SSB at 3:30pm local on 40m SSB.  I just couldn't be heard. 
After getting beat out in every single pileup I started CQing... and cqing...
guess I was just that weak!  40m was better than 20m, and it was getting fun
again.  I think 20m was just bad up here anyway, as N2IC was only s2 at best
and couldn't hear me at all.  K5TR was about 40db over 9 on 20m, however. 
Many, many stations who were over s7 on 20m just CQ'd in my face.  80m was cool
because I could hear everything.  Absolutely zero noise up there!  The downside
of course is that nobody could hear me.  I went to 80m super early to catch the
local W7 boyz who hadn't worked the ID mult yet.  I went a bit earlier than
them, and did manage to work a few east coasties.  NN1N has amazing ears!!! 
Nice name too, btw.

The downside was that it was quite windy at 3800 feet, and as soon as the sun
started to go down, it got COLD.  After a while my hand was numb, so I couldn't
feel the paddle.  Then I started shivering real bad so it was pretty
uncontrollable!  Sorry about that tough QSO K6NA, I just couldn't function
through the shivers and numbness!  I stopped after 109 Q's when the coyotes
started to sound REALLY close.  It was just something different for a change,
and still a lot of fun!  The truck battery didn't even get run down enough to
have a problem starting up.  Could have had a lot more Q's at W7UQ of course,
but with the super high noise level there these days, I didn't feel like
putting up with it.  

The K2/100 did FB.  I wore the "Wildest Dream Tour" T-shirt for good luck.

Only one person didn't QRX while the other station asked for a fill, and I got
extremely mad.  Good thing there was nobody around to hear my choice words.

Great contest as usual!!!  This radio stuff rocks, bring on the Season.

-Chris KL9A

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