[3830] ARRL Sep VHF KA1ZE Single Op HP

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Tue Sep 12 18:40:09 EDT 2006

                    ARRL September VHF QSO Party

Call: KA1ZE
Operator(s): KA1ZE
Station: KA1ZE

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: FN01xt
Operating Time (hrs): 21

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  120    47
    2:  223    54
  222:   79    43
  432:   98    46
  903:   34    22
  1.2:   36    23
Total:  590   235  Total Score = 213,145



This was the third September contest from my contesting location in FN01xt. A
cold front went through Saturday afternoon with bone chilling lightning. After
the first few claps of thunder I decided to toss all feed lines and rotor
cables out in the rain. I was still pretty nervous so I decided to get in my
truck and drive away from the shack. My home is 8 hours away in Connecticut and
my little shack is only a few feet from the base of the 155 foot tower. That is
a big lightning rod!

Conditions were pretty poor all weekend. This was my lowest grid count on 144
in this location. The January contest gave me 4 more grids! I think it is time
for me to figure out WSJT...

Thanks to all of the rovers that made it into my log.

My best contact was with VE2DFO, 300 miles on 432, Don was running 10 watts to
a 2 meter ant!

Thanks to all, Stan, KA1ZE

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