[3830] ARRL Sep VHF K1TEO Single Op HP

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Wed Sep 13 09:15:10 EDT 2006

                    ARRL September VHF QSO Party

Call: K1TEO
Operator(s): K1TEO
Station: K1TEO

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 27

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  164    49
    2:  308    61
  222:  116    42
  432:  140    44
  903:   69    35
  1.2:   82    36
  2.3:   38    24
  3.4:   23    16
  5.7:   15    12
  10G:   17    10
Total:  972   329  Total Score = 595,161

Club: North East Weak Signal Group


After a great Sept 2005 contest, this one turned out to be a relatively poor
contest for me. Never heard any enhancement at all with the exception of a
little rain scatter enhancement early in the contest from the severe storms in
the area. Activity seemed down as well. The rovers really saved the day. I
haven't added it up but I'm fairly sure that rovers made up the largest
percentage of my QSO's ever. Tnx guys!

A few highlights. Worked N2LBT/R in FN15 at the start on all bands up through 5
ghz. His 5 ghz signal was actually his loudest on all bands save 2M. A true s9
over a 500km+ path over 2 mountain ranges. There were very strong storms about
mid-way on the path at the time so I'm thinking that it's likely this was rain
scatter. Hard to know for sure as the signal was t9 unlike the AU-like tone on
10 ghz rainscatter. Another highlight was the amazing activity on 903 and 1296.
Even under the poor condx, I was constantly impressed how many guys were easy to
work on those bands, and how many now have those bands. Lastly, I really enjoyed
saying hello to so many radio-friends during the contest. 

Other than a problem with my 2M amp that limited my power and ability to stay
on the band for more than a few minutes at a time the last few hours (likely a
gassy 8877), all equipment worked fine. I did need to shut down  Saturday
evening and disconnect everything for awhile as the front moved through. And
the QRN was pretty nasty most of Saturday afternoon as the front approached
from the NW.

Once again I will be writing up the QST article on the contest. If you have any
stories to share please pass them along while they're still fresh!

Tnx for all the Q's and CU next time. 

73, Jeff K1TEO

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