[3830] NCCC Friday Practice Party SSB NA SPRINT rules: N6RO

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Fri Sep 15 23:55:12 EDT 2006


80      13
40      11
20      16

tot     40      15              600   points

Another good drill for the real thing on Saturday, but all three bands had 
bad QRN.
Hope it goes away on Saturday.  Listen for WX5S from Radio Oakley.

  Next week on Thursday, back to CW, NS rules on 80/40/20.

Since the NS ladder competition ended, we will have different rules each week:
Before major events (NA QSO, NA SPRINT, CQP, SS...), we'll use their 
official rules as a warmup for the weekend.
In between major events, we use NS rules to promote SO2R practice, and 
provide a weekly 30 minute contesting frenzy.
  Check the NCCC website each week for NEXT NS format at:

kb, N6RO

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