[3830] NA Sprint SSB KC5R QRP

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Sun Sep 17 00:41:05 EDT 2006

                    NA Sprint SSB Contest

Call: KC5R
Operator(s): KC5R
Station: KC5R

Class: Single Op QRP
QTH: la
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:    8        
   40:   42        
   20:   74        
Total:  124    Mults = 38  Total Score = 4,712




Static levels made QRP a bit more work - 80 was almost unusable - many stations
I heard at about 20-40 over 9 were not even hearing me enough to try. Only
worked (3) unique 80 mtr QSO and only one was completed in under 1 minute. Too
bad the "action" on 40 was sparse late in the contest.

Missed some easy mults - Missed IL (N2BJ couldn't hear me well enough on 80),
MD, LA (should have made a phone call) and VE7. Strangely, I still haven't
worked ND in any NA contest this year, yet worked ND in both VHF contests this
summer. Go figure...

Will see you all in SS! -Al

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