[3830] NA Sprint SSB KO7X HP

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Sun Sep 17 10:41:09 EDT 2006

                    NA Sprint SSB Contest

Call: KO7X
Operator(s): KO7X
Station: KO7X

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Wyoming
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:    4        
   40:   92        
   20:   74        
Total:  170    Mults = 40  Total Score = 6,800

Club: Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado

Team: GM Ski Bums


For a change, I had a QSO with another Wyoming station. Joe, WB4UIC, who lives
nearby was on at the beginning of the sprint. Heard and missed CO, VT, NC and
NH. 80 meters was so noisy that what few QSOs I made there were very difficult.

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