[3830] NA Sprint SSB K7SS(@K7RI) HP

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Sun Sep 17 12:07:57 EDT 2006

                    NA Sprint SSB Contest

Call: K7SS
Operator(s): K7SS
Station: K7RI

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: wa
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   60    0:57
   40:  130    1:51
   20:   94    1:12
Total:  284    Mults = 51  Total Score = 14,484

Club: Western Washington DX Club



Whew..!  Arrived at K7RI stn and saw the S meter on 20 at S8 with NOISE! assumed
it was a neighbors appliance, but found out quickly it peaked East and NB
wouldnt work on it. STORMS across the continent. It meant dig and carve to try
and get signals out of the QRN. Strange conditions on 20, several really loud
guys (N4CW/1 in Maine at 30 over) and many in the noise.. W6 was really down,
so missed most of the usuals on that band. First time ever to leave 20 before
the first hour was up! September SPRINT is usually a 20 meter event for us in
the NW. But this time, we all were forced to slug it out on the low bands. 40
was quite good, and less QRN than 20, and 80 actually was pretty quiet noise
wise, guess we didnt have propagation to the QRN sources. KA9FOX and W9RE
sounded like locals here on 80. Usual strategy up here in the NW is to go back
to 20 and work casual guys in the last hours, so listened a couple times, but
QRN was still big and sigs pretty much gone (Jon KL2A at K7ZSD in Oregon
reported great run in the third hour on 20 to the east...dont think we had it
up here in Seattle). Got lucky w/ ID, VE7, KP4, and UT. Thanks again to Tom and
Carrie for the use of their fine city-lot station. Maybe someday will have to
try SO2R and computer logging (Second radio would have been a real boon this
time around!).  SPRINT is the highlight of contesting for me! In the meantime,
see you guys on the Thursday nite 30 minute specials (See NCCC and NS online).
73 de K7SS

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