[3830] SAC CW LN3Z(@LA3Z) M/S HP

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Sun Sep 17 12:44:47 EDT 2006

                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: LN3Z
Operator(s): LA6YEA LA9GX
Station: LA3Z

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  416    44
   40:  516    63
   20:  718    69
   15:  125    48
   10:    2     2
Total: 1777   226  Total Score = 948,974



Big fun. First contest from our new club LA3Z with multi op. (one mult station)
Thanks to local ham group LA3L - we borrowed their HF rig and linear amp for
the weekend - and put together the mult station. Worked just fine. 

Ant used: Titanex V160S (80/40m), BigIR vertical (40-10m), 4 element SteppIR
yagi(10-15-20m) on 28m and K9AY rx loop ant. Rigs: 2xIC-765, AMP Command
HF-2500/Drake L-7. 

Two goals for the weekend, have fun and give us an idea of what to improve in
the final multi-single setup here in regards of RF interfernece between
radios/network. We did get some answers, and had some off periods due to
network failure and RF trouble. But all togheter it all turned out better than

We had a goal to match LN8W, and I think we did ?? Not to big difference in the
qso numbers. I suspect we have much more dupes than Lech on LN8W. I never worked
a contest with som many dupes.....horrible. When the station worked has 25 qsos 
 and we worked him on 4 band, he still calls us for a third qso on one band ???
What a waste of time, so we work them ...time after time.......
We ended up in 40 dupes !!!

Very quickly up to 5-600 qsos, and for a while I think we were up with the big
guns in Scandinavia regarding qso numbers - for a while :) When we passed 500 I
think we had one of the highest rates Think LN8W S/P, when we had good run. We
passed 500 qsos at 1630z. Lech knew was he was doing of course, and kept up
with us again during the night. 

Condx fairly good, but sunday morning condx collapsed on higher bands making it
difficult. Tried to get something out of 10m but, find it easier to find the
mults on 15m. Tried a short while to run on 10m, without any respons, and then
the network went down... **** happens. Thank you to all you who were kind
enough to repeat the serialnumbers again and again. Its really hard sometimes
to pull anything out of a totally dead band. We really did our best to make the
signals come up, beaming in all directions for a quick signal lift....

Well, after all we had a great time. Most of the hardware worked out ok, and we
are ready for more action from this location, already next weekend in ssb SAC.
Tom LA9GX is really keen after beeing off air for some years, and suddenly
beeing in the pileups again - nice work man !! 

73 "Paul" LA6YEA

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