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Mon Sep 18 18:30:32 EDT 2006

                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: OF6A
Operator(s): OH6QU
Station: OH4A

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Kisko
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  313    44
   40:  617    65
   20:  640    72
   15:  160    49
   10:    8     7
Total: 1738   237  Total Score = 983,076

Club: Contest Club Finland


First of all thanks to Jukka OH6LI for letting me to use his superb contest QTH
at OH4A! 

The original idea was to participate the contest in M/S or M/M (=M/2) category
with special OF-prefix. However the closer the contest weekend came the less I
had operators to participate. Therefore I decided to enter to the contest alone
in SOAB HP category.

Actually this was my first ever "serious" attempt in SOAB category. I have been
doing some SOAB contesting in early 1980's but not from the station like this
before. It looks like there is a lot to learn in order to compete equally with
top contesters. Especially multi-tasking with second radio didn't work at all.
Therefore after some time I gave up trying to use the second radio actively and
concentrated mainly to use one radio.

Due to the last minute change in the contest category I didn't had time to do
any strategic planning before the contest. That was a BIG mistake. Luckily I
had Ham CAP and VOACAP installed in my laptop which gave me some idea which
band is open to where during the contest on hourly basis. But even the best
software can't beat the experience and/or well done preparations...

Eventhough the propagation wasn't it's best it was nice to find that many
participants in the contest. Surprisingly many DX stations are found in the log
on 3 or even 4 bands. Thanks everyone who worked OF6A! QSL via OH6AA (via

See you in SAC SSB during the next weekend.

Jari OH6QU

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