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Fri Sep 22 14:29:28 EDT 2006

                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: OH2PM
Operator(s): OH1WZ
Station: OH2PM

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  312    62
   40:  589    69
   20:  650    70
   15:  149    51
   10:    8     8
Total: 1708   250  Total Score = 1,005,000



Pertti, OH2PM kindly left his station for me and went to OH2BO. It was exciting
once again to participate in SAC. I was very happy to notice that the condx
were good as well as the activity on "both sides". 

I used
- 4 el yagi on 28Mc
- 4 el  "    " 21Mc (broken reflector, could work SA/Japan at the same time!)
- 4/4   "    " 14Mc
- 3 el  "    "  7Mc
- two slopers on 3.5 Mc

Pertti has an automatic PA and antenna swithing. Changing bands is 
easy. I made use of this between 00Z and 4Z and moved stations between
80 and 40. Many W/VE stations were worked like this - many more than

Some nice 3/4 band moves within 1-2 minutes, e.g. KG6DX, 4L8A and ES1GF
to mention a few. UT5UDX woke me up on Sunday and moved me to ten where
he came thru with a nice signal. Made my 8 qsos on ten right after that.

Missed the sidemount yagi on 20-10, which would have given a better control
of conxd. It is taken down and will be hauled up at the new OH2PM QTH

Tough competition with Pertti at OH2BO. I think he'd beat me again had his
KT34XA not broken on sunday morning on 15 meters. OH2BH (OH2UA) did not let us
surprise him again as it was last year! Well done OB Toni.

Anyway, I'm happy that so many of you have experienced a nice SAC (reading
the postings gives me this impression).

Writing this in Bonn, Germany and having spent all week here, I can't
participate on SSB as it would not make the XYL and QRM x 3 (5,5 and 2
yrs)happy! I'm sure there'll be good activity.


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