[3830] Salmon Run KT7G/M SO MobileMixed LP

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Sat Sep 23 18:08:00 EDT 2006

                    Washington State Salmon Run

Call: KT7G/M
Operator(s): KT7G
Station: KT7G/M

Class: SO MobileMixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:           7       
   40:    1      1       
   20:   22     27       
Total:   23     35      0  Mults = 23  Total Score = 4,180

Club: Western Washington DX Club


Salmon Run Post Mortem
1.	Have more time before the event to work on items relating to it.  Most of
the rest of these relate back to this. Got back from a cruise on Wednesday, had
furnace replacement on Thursday, got my garage and driveway back for Friday
2.	Do not try to put everything in the vehicle within the last 24 hours before
you leave for this trip.  Leave some more time to make it all work and check it
out.  New antenna, software, winkey, two GPS, 4 serial to usb adapter.  
3.	Do not build a new device with the last week before you leave for this trip.
 It will not work and you will not have time to figure it out and troubleshoot
it. (Winkey, required for CQ/X to send CW)
4.	Do not try to use an unfamiliar piece of software that has its own learning
curve during the contest.  (CQ/x)
5.	Do not use the company computer.. The IT team had pre loaded software that
they had set up to load and demand a reboot 10:30 on Sunday morning.  No worker
would be doing anything useful at that time.. Fortunately I was not going 60 at
the time.  I was parked at Alpowa summit getting ready to roll.  15 minute
delay to get it all started again after the reboot.  
6.	Issues that need resolution before next time..
A.	no audible sidetone from N1MM when it is keying radio. There is sidetone in
the radio, an internal adjustment, need to adjust for a moving vehicle. 
B.	The “new” download of N1MM, hastily put on the company computer, had no
contests available so I used it as a dx log.  6.5.8 that I last used in July
had a different menu tab for files, did not figure out the differences and find
the contests until after the contest. This goes back to number one above.
C.	not loud enough sidetone from external keyer for moving vehicle. Could be
fixed by “A”
D.	Bring footswitch or some form of PTT switch to use headset and memory keyer,
can’t re-record messages without ptt switch.  Don’t use the mental check off
list anymore, write it down.  
E.	Bring autotuner and tested known good antenna switch. Don’t buy "good"
deals at the swap meets, or check it out beforehand.  Did not find the bad
switch until 6pm local on Saturday. 
F.	Figure out why screwdriver antenna will not get to 0 swr on some bands. back
to number 1 above.  
G.	Figure out better mounting arrangement for Screwdriver so that it does not
bend back so far at 70 with the long rod.  I could visualize it laying back and
launching all over the freeway, the shadow was very interesting.  
H.	Do a test run a week or so before to make sure it all works as planned. 
I.	Get quiet ac or dc adapter for PC to reduce S9 noise on 20 meters.  I have a
DC adapter for the Compaq laptop but was afraid that it would not have the
horsepower to run N1MM, Streets and trips and the CQ/X application.  
J.	Remote the Fault light for the inverter so you know that it is not working
BEFORE the computer starts to shut down.  It is under the board that the stuff
is mounted on.

  800 miles @53 gallons with a 4.6 litre power provider, about one gallon per

aLL IN ALL,  ANOTHER LEARNING EXPERIENCE! It is just a hobby, right!

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