[3830] TxQP K8IR SO CW HP

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Sun Sep 24 19:35:05 EDT 2006

                    Texas QSO Party

Call: K8IR
Operator(s): K8IR
Station: K8IR

Class: SO CW HP
Operating Time (hrs): 14.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:   12              
   40:   63              
   20:  200              
Total:  275     0       0  Mults = 133  Total Score = 123,225



Score includes the bonus points...if I added them up right.

Worked the first 10 minutes, then took off for 3.5 hours for family stuff.
Conditions must have been better on Saturday, since I left the amp off except
for 80 meters.  On Sunday, the amp was useful a lot of the time.  20 meters was
open almost all the way, except for the last half hour on Saturday.  Never heard
a peep up here on 15, although it apparently was open to some places. 40
remained open to the northern part of the state all day Sunday.  I was able to
hear and work fixed stations, but the only mobiles worked on 40 Sunday were
K5OT and WW5X. 

Mobiles worked with 5 or more QSO's: 
K5OT  45
WW5X  28
K5NA  24
K5N   21
W5SL  21
K5P   12
N5NA   9
KG5U   7
NO5W   7
N5BE   5

A great job by all!

I really like this one.  An unending supply of mults, early to bed Saturday
night, and done in time to cut the grass and rehang two antennas on Sunday.

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