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Sun Sep 24 20:17:56 EDT 2006

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: W7WHY
Operator(s): W7WHY
Station: W7WHY

Class: SOAB(A) HP
Operating Time (hrs): 6.5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Pts  State/Prov  DX  Zones
   80:   21   28               3     4
   40:   45   61               8     8
   20:  132  211              24    20
   15:    5   15               4     2
Total:  203  315      51      39    34  Total Score = 45,630



Didn't get much time to operate this weekend.  Our 6 year old granddaughter was
the flower girl at a friends wedding, so our Saturday was pretty well shot. 
Sunday it was 80 degrees at the beach, which is  highly unusual here on the
Oregon coast, so we took advantage of the fine weather for a barbacue.  Managed
to squeeze a few Q's in when I got a chance.

Activity seemed way up this year.  Was working stations clear up to 14.125. 
Had a good run for about an hour up there.  At 00:17 on Saturday evening during
this run with the beam pointed almost due east, YB0, 9M0, JF1, and RU0 all
called in in that order.  That was a neat surprise!  Then it was back to
working the east coast.  I put up a 20 meter vertical GP up about 10 feet this
year and it worked pretty slick.  When I heard a station off the back of the
beam, I just switched to the vertical to work them.  Saves time rotating the
beam around.

Radio 1   TS-450SAT + SB-200
Radio 2   FT-840 + zepp antenna

2 el monobander for 20, and verticals for 20, 40 and 80.  Zepp antenna for
radio 2.

N1MM Logger 6.9.6 performed perfectly.  Sure takes the drudgery out of

Thanks for all the Q's and will see you in the next one.  73

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