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Sun Sep 24 22:02:39 EDT 2006

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: W4ZW
Operator(s): W4ZW
Station: W4ZW

Class: SOAB(A) HP
Operating Time (hrs): 6

 Band  QSOs  Pts  State/Prov  DX  Zones
   40:  10    23       2       7     9
   20:  57   138       6      34    14
   15:  29    71       4      15    13
   10:   3     7               3     2
Total:  99   239      12      60    38  Total Score = 26,290

Club: Florida Contest Group


Soapbox : Wired up an interface and tried out MMTTY.  What a
marvelous program!  For some reason that I did not take time to solve, the
VOX/PTT didn't work properly so had to press the MAN button every time.  But
since I had very little time to play with this worked OK.  Log showed about
6 hours, but much of that was  spent re-wiring interfaces, installing new
computer, and learning MMTTY.  Seemed like conditions were not the best,
especially to EU on 40M and activity seemed a bit sparse.  I say that
because the VK's were loud but very few as were the EU on 20M.   I'm still
rewiring the shack but I'm making sure that digital modes are included.
Mostly LP due to rewiring shack, but did bump up to 400W on 20M.


Jon Hamlet,  W4ZW
Casey Key Island, Florida
"A little piece of paradise in the Gulf of Mexico"

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